Martina The Road Madonna . Unique Edition


Martina The Road Madonna . Unique Edition


Darkroom Print | Limited Edition

Martina The Madonna (2018)
Unique Edition, Hand-crafted Darkroom Print
Paper: Ilford Fine Art Darkroom Paper
Signed, dated and editioned on the back

‘Martina The Road Madonna’ is a portrait of an Italian gypsy we met and stayed with a while, whilst living on the road. We spent our time running through lightening storms, catching glow worms and using a dialogue of hand signals and laughter to communicate the stars, the forests and our emotions. Upon our departure, she presented me with a small gold madonna which she placed inside a delicately painted Russian doll. Although we both knew time would not reunite us, the objects she gifted, symbolised to me the everlasting notion of deep connection and companionship that resonates straight form the purity of a soul.

This print is hand-framed in an upcycled frame. The print is accompanied by a sealed letter of authenticity and a unique poem written by the artist.

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