Portraits of men

Rebecca Rose Harris, Blue Portrait
Rebecca Rose Harris - The Religion Of The Mind

we stand in the oldest natural places to remind ourselves;

to see what time does without us.


any mythical sound

moves between

something and nothing

only serving where

it is meant to be

not where it is expected to be




and the root of hunman responsibility

is all we have,


lines black.jpg

this is an experiment of classical composition, a seat was placed overlooking a horizon of nothing but green hills; two lovers seperately exposed to the same piece of deeply moving music sat before the window. each subject trigged the cable shutter release at the point they felt significantly moves, significantly connected with the expanse beyond the glass,

Coral and Writings colour.jpg

The Gates Of Horn, The Gates Of Ivory 

2017 - 2018

Dreams are amongst the oldest things in the world. In the Briladarmyaka - Upanishad, an ancient text dating 1000 BC we read, "There are two states for that person, the one here in this world, the other in the other world, and, as a third, an intermediate state, the state of sleep. When in that intermediate state, he sees both those states together." 

This photograph reveals a years worth of dream entries, I recorded every day across numerous  locations, offering a mediation between the unconscious and conscious; photographed on the first full moon of the new year.